Ana Esfandiari is an American visionary filmmaker whose main interest is to make films with substance and integrity that inform and inspire while maintaining a character-centered focus

  • heimlich


    Heimlich is not characteristic of film noir because it is a black-and-white American crime or detective drama but, rather, because of its dark, downbeat look at the life of a young married couple. The woman …

  • get real day

    Get Real Day

    Get Real 2004 was an event that was held at the Holiday Inn in Concord, CA. It is part of a cable TV series called “Community Focus”, a Soroptimist International of Lamorinda production in partnership …

  • The Humpback and The Glamour Puss  

    The Humpback and The Glamour Puss

    The Humpback and The Glamour Puss is a comedy set in a public lavatory with two obsessive-compulsive women. The Humpback is shown in a jacket the color of a Humpback Whale, and is a germaphobe …

  • pulse


    Pulse, in a nutshell, is a comedy about a boy and a girl competing at a gym. This short splices machine sounds to human-made organic sounds. Electronic music beats in time to the beat of …

  • zero point field

    Zero Point Field

    This is a documentary that takes a sneak peek into the life of a nascent British-Indie Rock band. It starts out with singer/songwriter, Alborz talking about each of the band members. Then, each of the …